On September 27 2015, Scott Thompson, will make his way to accomplish another one of his unique challenges: BecakTerus, a rickshaw charity ride. In 21 days, Scott hopes to achieve approximately 2,600 km ride with a Becak, across eight provinces starting from Banda Aceh City to Jakarta. All proceeds from the charity ride will be donated to four foundations: Yayasan Anak Cinta Bangsa (YCAB Foundation), Mary’s Cancer Kiddies, Yayasan Puspita, and Yayasan Wisma Cheshire Indonesia. Becakterus will not only contribute in terms of donations, but Scott’s journey will also raise the public’s awareness on the visions and missions of the four charity foundations.

A becak or a rickshaw is one of Indonesia’s traditional modes of transportation, which is now regarded as old-fashioned, as many cities stopped using it. It may seem quite impossible for a three-wheeled small carriage to reach Jakarta in three weeks, especially at an average rate of 150 km per day. In order for the charity ride to be successful, Scott has modified his own becak accordingly and has named it the “Flying Merah Putih.”

Scott’s journey invites anyone to follow his ride online, where he will constantly upload short videos. A part of this ride is also taking us to see what he sees: The Indonesian diversity he will encounter, as well as the richness of nature that will surround him throughout his ride.

Becakterus will be Scott Thompson’s third ultra charity marathon. In 2010 he ran 250 km in the Sahara for three days, and in 2012 he took it to the next level by running a total of 1,250 km from Bali to Jakarta in four weeks. The marathon from Bali to Jakarta two years ago contributed a great amount of funds to help Yayasan Anak Cinta Bangsa (YCAB) build several Rumah Belajar for unprivileged children in Bali.

In an interview with Scott, he was asked about his keen commitments towards helping charity foundations in Indonesia. “I guess I always get asked why? And the only answer I can come up with is well, because I can.”


2010 | Ultra marathon
In 2010, Scott Thompson ran 250 km in a ultra marathon in the sahara in 3 days. He raised approximately US$40,OOO which he donated to the children and cancer patients through Mary ‘s Cancer Kiddies.

2012 | Bali to Jakarta 1,250 km
In 2012, Scott Thompson was back in his fundraising effort! This time he made the action more startling by running from Bali to Jakarta which took him 4 weeks to accomplish. Scott raised approximately US$ 399,000 that was given to  YCAB Foundation and Mary’s Cancer Kiddies.

For more information : http://www.runningbalitojakarta.com/

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