25 Oct

Follow Becakterus’ Journey

Hope you enjoy the video/slide show (thank you Fauzan), that provides us with closure over the challenge, the fund raising campaign, and the amazing journey from Banda Aceh. It might have been a single becak, but it was truly a team effort – an effort of many. Thank you for all your encouragement, amazing support and of course for all your kind donations.

In the end, the Becakterus fund raising campaign has raised over Rp6.6 Billion, with addition of a final cheque presented on Friday night for Rp980 million. This is an astonishing sum of money, far and beyond our wildest expectations. Thank you!

Please stay safe and stay well.

Signing off, for the last time…

Much love, Becakterus

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21 Oct

Welcome Home #BecakTerus


After passed 2,601 KM and 7 provinces, finally I have arrived safely at Tangerang Selatan.  And I was also surprised by the friends from other Yayasan who was coming along to welcome me at the venue.



I would like to thank Kompas TV for their support so together we can raise social awareness and building more ‘bridges’ with less fortunate.


I am happy to announce that the donation is still opened until 31st October 2015. You can click https://kitabisa.com/becakterus or www.becakterus.com

I will come up with more photos 😀

BecakTerus dong!

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19 Oct
17 Oct
16 Oct
16 Oct
14 Oct
14 Oct
13 Oct

2,222 KM!!

Today, #BecakTerus and these awesome people behind BecakTerus journey have arrived at kilometer 2,222. The exact location was at Kecamatan Way Serdang – Kabupaten Mesuji, Lampung.



Another province down today, from South Sumatra to Lampung. It’s getting closer to finish line in Oct 18th.



The men behind , thank you Pak Wawan, Pak Yunus, Pak Kendy and Pak Olay for your continuous support!!


Another cool drawing from Yayasan Puspita. Thank you so much kids!


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13 Oct

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