12 Oct

Best moment so far..

Day 15, I was heading to Palembang. Est distance 140 km in 14 hours. Gonna be a longer day than usual These are some photos of my journey yesterdayIMG-20151011-WA0025IMG-20151011-WA0033IMG-20151011-WA0034IMG-20151011-WA0042And my favorite photos are..

IMG-20151011-WA0053IMG-20151011-WA0051IMG-20151011-WA0031Day 16 – So, today I have lunch with some students from Rumah Belajar Indralaya. They have made some surprise for me. I really appreciate it. I have received so much love and support from you guys. IMG-20151012-WA0016IMG-20151012-WA0015IMG-20151012-WA0017IMG-20151012-WA0013IMG-20151012-WA0014

And after almost 2000kms the first sign post for Jakarta

CRFUv06VEAAJYfiSee you Jakarta in 6 days!


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11 Oct

Day 14 – #Becakterus Entered South Sumatra!!

Day 14, started the day with interview with . Thanks for the support to


Cool protection mask, getting ready for the haze

IMG-20151010-WA0008At jembatan Makalam – Jambi


entered South Sumatra!! Now, a long flat road.


#BecakTerus got many warm welcome from locals.. Thank you for the support!

IMG-20151010-WA0034IMG-20151010-WA0035And I have my friend, Mike, here in Indonesia to support me with his bike.. Welcome to Indonesia, Mike!

IMG-20151010-WA0036The day was getting dark.. We were preparing for night riding..

IMG-20151010-WA0060IMG-20151010-WA0061IMG-20151010-WA0062So we’ve arrived at Sungai Lilin. Today the becak has done 136.8 KM in almost 12.30 hours. And we have reached 1,738.8 KM till today. Day 15 #BecakTerus will go to Palembang. Have a nice day!



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10 Oct

Day 13 – Hello Jambi

The smoke was terrible yesterday, Mr #Becakterus has decided to delay the start due to low visibility and for safety reasons.


IMG-20151009-WA0001 IMG-20151009-WA0006 IMG-20151009-WA0002

Jambi province. was on the road again, fighting asap for children education. The picture is made by kids from


Let’s go! On my way to Kota Jambi.. Look at the hills and the trucks!


Slight problem with brake and stabilizer. Support team was at it


At 66 KM, Jambi Province

IMG-20151009-WA0021 IMG-20151009-WA0022

Finally, hello Kota Jambi.. So excited to be here!

IMG-20151009-WA0039 IMG-20151009-WA0043 IMG-20151009-WA0046

Guys, we are still open for any kind of support for #BecakTerus. Again, this rickshaw charity ride aim to raising awareness for 4 Yayasan : YCAB Foundation, Mary’s Cancer Kiddies, Wisma Cheshire, and Yayasan Puspita. If you want to donate easier, click www.kitabisa.com/becakterus.

We are now 76% of the target in Kitabisa.com.. Let’s make it more than 100% *finger crossed*


Ok, so enough with the writing today.. Enjoy your weekend! BecakTerus dong!



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10 Oct
09 Oct
08 Oct
08 Oct

Day 11 – Hills, hills and more hills.

Today’s summary in 3 words: hills, hills and more hills.




Want to say thanks to all sponsors. Your commitment will help lots of children & youth


Great news! joined in to be Bronze Sponsor in support of . Thanks!!

Bank Mandiri was established on 2 October 1998, as part of the bank restructuring program of the Government of Indonesia. In July 1999, four state-owned banks – Bank Bumi Daya, Bank Dagang Negara, Bank Exim and Bapindo – were amalgamated into Bank Mandiri. The history of these four banks can be traced back to over 140 years, and together they had contributed to the beginning of the Indonesian banking sector.



And #Becakterus would like to apologize for the lack of online tracking, this is due to the topographical nature of the terrain and localized infrastructure problems. Please follow Becakterus’s journey on our Twitter feed @Belariterus or #Becakterus

BecakTerus dong!







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08 Oct
07 Oct

Riau, Stay Strong!

Must be tough for ppl in Riau to wake up to this everyday, stay strong, let’s hope for rain.














Behind this haze, hide a stunningly beautiful view. What a pity #Stopasap












Nice surprise to have visiting



Yesterday was tough, higher elevation and the haze was not helping. Day 10 – to Pangkalan Lesung. Approx 125km





Yesterday was a special day. At 96.94 km mark, passed the world record!! The record broke at approx 14:52pm (will be verified), passing the current record of 1,377.96. Congrats


Yesterday closed at 122.3 km, making total distance so far 1403.2 km. Day 10, completed.



Another nice drawing from thank you!


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06 Oct

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