05 Oct
05 Oct
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03 Oct

Day 5 & 6 – Overwhelmed by the kindness


Day 5 – Pic 1: On my way to Rantauprapat. Started at 6.22 AM. Rain heavily last night, the horizon looks pretty foggy, or hazy, not sure which one


Day 5 – Pic 2 : Overwhelmed by the kindness, a nice gift from a new friend. Thank you.


Day 5 – Pic 3:  is a call to care abt something bigger than ourselves. Let’s do something!!


Day 5 – Pic 4 : Feel so much support from you all, im in north sumatra now. Send my regards to all the kids


Day 6 – Pic 5:  is cruising across Sumatra and the “Flying Merah Putih” has been doing great. All thanks to !


Day 6 – Pic 6: 145 km, almost 12 hours, we were pushing thru until Rantau Prapat. 20 more km to go!


Day 6 : Pic 7 : Still ngebecakterus in the dark, traffic is bad with many trucks passing by. 9.2 km to go. Support pls!

It was a tough day today, 13.13 hrs in the saddle, clocking up 164.99km. This was also the first day riding on my own as Stephen & Krzys no longer with me. Tomorrow a little lighter 110km scheduled. http://Becakterus.com as well as Twitter https://twitter.com/berlariterus for LIVE TRACKING

Finished day 6. Want to say thanks to for your support, popmie has provided me lots of energy during my ride.


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03 Oct
02 Oct

Day 5 #BecakTerus, From Binjai to Limapuluh


Pic 1 : I rode together with my brother from Binjai to Limapuluh. Folow #BecakTerus journey through www.becakterus/livetracking


Pic 2 : Hello Lubuk Pakam #BecakTerus


Pic 3 : Weather report. It’s prob not visible in the pic, but haze start to cloud the area #BecakTerus #MelawanAsap


Pic 4 : Passing Tebing Tinggi

Day 6 – to Rantauprapat. Started at 6:22am today. Follow my twitter @berlari terus or live tracking at for more update

BecakTerus dong!

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01 Oct

Day 4 #BecakTerus, From Langsa to Binjai

Day 4 – started at 6:16am, leaving and stopping at Binjai tonight. Thanks for a great welcome Aceh!!


Pic 1 : Hey, got a biker friend. Thanks for your support!


Pic 2: 1 province down, 7 more to go. Thanks , it’s been great. Hello Sumatra Utara.


Pic 3 : My brother flew & joined for 2 days, cycling to together.



Pic 4 & 5 : Warm welcome from people here in North Sumatra!


Pic 6 : Hot weather, drink Coca-Cola dong!

So, day 5, off to Kisaran, or Limapuluh if we get a place to stay. Today’s target 147 km. Total distance traveled in 4 days: 572km


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30 Sep
29 Sep

Banda Aceh to Langsa


Pic 1 : I start every 6 or 6.30 AM in the morning


Pic 2: Super hot weather..


Pic 3: Look at these children and their bike.. They are trying to catch me along the way


Pic 4: Local police said : “Mantap!”


Pic 5 : Luckily met this boy.. He still keep his spirit even though he’s in his wheelchair


Pic 6 : Holding a picture from kids of Yayasan Puspita. They drew Aceh map and other 7 provinces as well and asked me to bring this poster :) Hey kids, tons of love from Aceh!


Pic 7 : With local people, thank you very much for the support!


Pic 8 : After cycling 160KM today, the tire had punctured and it would have to be replaced


Pic 9 : Arrived safely at hotel, but look! Who was waiting? WOW, many people were waiting in the lobby. So, let us take a selfie 😀

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29 Sep

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