1. Who is Scott Thompson?
Scott was born in Scotland, raised as a child in India & Zambia. He has been living in Jakarta for 12 years and is a director in an energy company. He is a social activist known to perform charity work in a unique way. This year, Scott is raising funds for 4 NGOs by riding a rickshaw from Banda Aceh to Jakarta Raya in 22 days.


2. What exactly is Becakterus?
BecakTerus is a fundraising event to benefit 4 NGOs. Scott will take the challenge to ride a rickshaw (ngebecak) across Sumatera in 22 days.


3. Why do we choose Becak?
Simply because a car would not be challenging at all, let alone an airplane. But also because becak or a rickshaw is Indonesia’s traditional public transportation which is now regarded as old fashioned. So, it is quite fitting to revive this unique and “forsaken” transportation to attract people’s interest.

Also, becak is an excellent analogy of what your support can do. To accomplish this challenge, Scott need to modify / support his becak to go through the 2,612km distance – brake installation, headlight, gear, etc. In the same way, our youth will not be able to achieve their dreams by themselves. They need your support, just like the becak, to go through the distance they need in life.


4. What had Scott prepared in the success of Becak Terus?
He has been riding his becak every weekend for the last couple of months. He has also frequented his gym almost daily and befriended the treadmill and bicycle machine. As for diet, he is free to eat as many carbs (chocolate cakes, ice cream and all the other good stuff) as he will need lots of them for this challenge.


5. When and where does it start and ended?
He will start his ride from the Tsunami Museum in Banda Aceh on Sunday 27th September. Then, he will finish in BSD on Sunday, 18th October. Please remember him in your prayer 


6. How long and how much distance does it take for him to finish?
In 22 days, Scott hopes to ride the distance of 2,612 km ride with a Becak


7. What’s the greatest challenge during the rickshaw ride?
Every day, he’s aiming to ride for 12 hours to accomplish the goal of 150km/day. To give you some perspective, that would only take 3 hours by car. To achieve that, he will need to pedal non-stop (except for a short restroom break of course) in a hot and humid weather. He will also need to control his nutrition intake and heartbeat, which is why he’s accompanied by his nutrition expert who will monitor his health.
Also, the smoke and haze hazard in Sumatra, if persist, will definitely pose a great challenge for #BecakTerus. Hopefully this problem will recede and the air will get better before Scott start on the 27th


8. Where will the donations go to?
The donation will be donated to 4 foundations: YCAB Foundation (Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa), Mary’s Cancer Kiddies, Wisma Cheshire, and Puspita Foundation.


9. How to donate?
You can donate by clicking this donation link and choose between two options. Firstly, you can choose to donate to all 4 organizations and your donation will be distributed equally. Secondly, you can choose a specific organization and your donation will go exclusively to that organization. .


10. I want to help more besides donating, what can I do?
We need you to participate by sharing this event in your social media. Or simply follow YCAB Foundation social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and help spread the word


11. Any event in the finish line?
To be determined


12. What other crazy thing he had done before #BecakTerus?
Scott Thompson is a third ultra charity marathon. In 2010 he ran 250 km in the Sahara for three days, and in 2012 he took it to the next level by running a total of 1,250 km from Bali to Jakarta in four weeks. All in the name of charity.


13. Are there any further questions?
You can email your questions to becakterus@gmail.com or ask directly at our twitter/ account @berlariterus

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